Product Range

Village organics stocks the largest range of Organic and Gluten Free products in the Waikato.

Loads of Fresh Organic FRUIT & VEGETABLES

Fresh Organic and Gluten Free Bread
Breadman, Dovedale, Venerdi, Marx, Flaveur

HUGE Gluten Free Product Range

Organic Flour, Grains, Seeds, Beans, Rice, Sugars, Dried Fruit, Lentils, Carob, Nuts
Fill your Own Bottles – Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tamari

Organic Teas and Coffee’s, Fruit Juice, Grape Juice etc

2 Dairy Fridges
Cheese, Organic Butter, Flax Oil, Flax Fibre, LSA, Organic Milk, Yoghurt, Soy products, Tofu, Tempeh, etc etc etc

Large Freezer
Chickens, Whole and Pieces, Salmon, Blueberries, Vege Pies, Harmony Meat, Omaha Ice Creams, Fry’s Vegetarian Dinners

Household Products – All environmentally friendly
Laundry, Dishwash, Cleaners, Toilet Paper

Personal Care
Shampoo, Conditioner, Skin Care

Dietary Supplements & Remedies
Thomsons, Microgenics, and remedies, plus more

Whatever it is, we probably have it…